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What are we produce?
The concept of snacks includes a variety of crisps, crunchy flakes, rye croutons, nuts, dried fruits, muesli, dried seafood, and meat snacks.
Dietary nutrition
Products that provide growth, normal development and vital activity of a person, promoting health and disease prevention.
Spices and kitchen herbs
Herbs and spices are fresh, dried or processed otherwise parts of some plants with a distinctive taste and aroma.
Food concentrates
Dry sets of food prepared for consumption after a short- term thermal treatment.
Powdered drinks
Products, which allow to obtain a large quantity of liquid beverage from a small amount of raw materials, have a pleasant taste that can be easily made more intense, with additional flavors.
This is food on the ground of flour, sugar or other products, which are used for the production of confectionery products.
Our partners
Work experience with Private Labels.
About us
"Agropromservis" is a new and rapidly growing company that works in the market of grocery and snack products since 2011. Over this period, we managed to prove ourselves as a reliable supplier of high-quality food at moderate prices. We use raw materials only of high and proven quality for production, and reasonable price without compromising the quality of products is the result of an efficient and modern approach to the conduct of business. Assortment policy of the company is aimed at a wide range of customers; therefore, we strive to meet their demands and needs at our best. Due to its flexibility, the company promptly reacts to changes in consumer preferences and is constantly experimenting toward the production of new products and flavors. The companys products are presented under both private label and private labels of such enterprises as "Dobryi Dim", "VitaMAX", and "Sanders". Our employees have a wealth of experience in the organization of deliveries for the largest companies of the city, such as "ATB-market", fresh market "Brusnichka", and FozzyGroup, as well as with many other retailers. Thesecompanies chose us because:
  • The company carries out multilevel quality control;
  • We use high-quality raw materials;
  • Products comply with norms DSTU;
  • The company provides flexible delivery;
  • It is possible to delay the payment;
  • Unregulated sales volume;
  • The company provides promotional materials;
  • Convenient packaging for further transportation and storage;
  • The company provides advisory support to its employees.